Posted below is the current bibliography that we will be using for this site. Sources may be added or removed if we find anything new that is cool and relevant, or find that we really didn’t take anything from a particular source.


“A Lightweight Soddering Gun Packs a Punch.” 1954.Chicago Daily Tribune (1923-1963), Apr 25, 1-f5.

 It discusses how the lightweight soddering gun began to use the ac current and dc current to power it and it can be switched to either power source.

AC/DC: What’s the Difference? PBS.

Brian, Marshall. Harris, William. Lamb, Robert.  How Electricity Works.

Brown, Sally Joy. 1943. “Nava Hospital Patient Seeks Radio in Ward.” Chicago Daily Tribune (1923-1963), Apr 12, 23.

 It is an article from the Chicago  Daily Tribune talking about how a patient wants a radio in their room and discussed briefly how the radio used the AC current.

Dwiggins, Don. “NIKOLA TESLA: MISUNDERSTOOD GENIUS.” American History Illustrated 11, no. 1 (April 1976): 34-41.America: History & Life, EBSCOhost (accessed March 27, 2013).

 This article discusses the major impact that Tesla had as an inventor and how it was not recognized until after his death.

“Electricity for Street Cars.” 1893.Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1922), Sep 26, 12-12.

 This article discusses how the AC current was used to move street cars using iron rods.

Edison vs. Westinghouse: A Shocking Rivalry. Smithsonian.

Gas Turbine to Drive Locomotive.” 1950.Chicago Daily Tribune (1923-1963), Mar 17, 1.

This is an article from the Chicago Daily Tribune that discussed using the ac current as fuel for locomative.

Greene, Dr. You Tube. July 8, 2009. (accessed february 3, 2013)

This is an interesting application of the principles of Tesla’s AC motor generator. You can hear the egg as it reaches its resonance frequency

Hewitt, Paul. Conceptual Physics: Alternating Current. May 22, 2011. (accessed February 3, 2013).

You Tube Video – Entertaining explanation of AC Current

Livingston, James D. Driving Force: the natural magic of magnets. Seventh, 2004. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1996.

This is a good resource for how AC works. It emphasizes the magnet aspects of the AC current generator. It is a good resource and interesting to read.

“New Power Device Aids Bombers.” 1944.Chicago Daily Tribune (1923-1963), Sep 02, 17.

It discusses how the alternating current was used in electric plants to provide more power and electric without as many issues as the direct current.


Nye, David E. Electrifying America. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1991.

This book is included to make the point that Tesla is referenced only on page 343 and this reference does not even talk about AC technology which is why people believe Edison is why we have electricity.


PBS . the-white-city-chicago-worlds-fair-1893. unknown unknown, 2010. February 3, 2013).

Chicago Columbian Exposition lit up by Tesla AC current. Chicago afterward was called the White City. President Grover Cleveland turned on the switch.


Roberege, Piere. Alessandro Volta.

Seifer, Marc J. Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla, Biography of a Genius. New York, New York: Citadel Press- Kensington Publishing Corp, 1998.

This is a good book, it covers his entire life and inventions. It also talks about in depth the AC current and motor. It is easy and fun to read.

SPRAGUE, TYLER S. “Lighted Fair Is Magic Landscape.” Pacific Northwest Quarterly 100, no. 2 (Spring2009 2009): 70-78. America: History & Life, EBSCOhost (accessed March 27, 2013).

The article discusses how ac current was used for the Alaska-Yukon- Pacific Exposition, which had a lighting show that was so impressive that the government funded a hydroelectric power plant and electric street lights in Seattle, WA after seeing the show.

Tesla, Nicola. The Nikola Tesla Treasury. First. Bedford, VA: Wilder Publishing LLC, 2007.

This is a very in depth biography. It is 666 pages long, but it is basically all the other biographies he did put into one large volume, so some of it is repetitious because of that. He has original drawings and in depth explanations.

“Changing The Game”. The Men Who Built America. The History Channel

“The Power of Niagara Falls: A History.” History Magazine 13, no. 1 (October 2011): 8-12. America: History & Life, EBSCOhost (accessed March 27, 2013).

It discusses the Niagara Falls  usage of the AC Current to generate hydroelectric power.

Very Truly Yours, Nikola Tesla. Tenth. Bedford, VA: Wilder Publications, LLC, 2007.

These are a collection of letters that explain his ideas and defend himself on misrepresentations of his words and ideas. It is a good primary source. It gives you an idea of how his mind is thoughtful and considerate. He seems to think ill of no one, even though he may not agree with what they have said.


Van Valkenburgh, Nooger & Neville. Basic Electricity. Edited by Alice J. Tripp. Indianapolis, Indiana: Sans Technical Publishing, 1992.

This is a very good source. This is a manual that the U.S. Government uses to teach military personnel basic electricity.


Wet Cell Batteries. EPA.



Documentary Bibliography


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