Technological Innovation

The cheap, widespread use of electricity brought about by the alternating current brought about massive technological innovation as inventors scrambled to find ways to take advantage of all of the potential uses of electricity. It allowed for the invention of devices to provide our creature comforts, such as the electric water heater and the air conditioner. It powered devices that made it easier to prepare and cook food, purify drinking water, and even to help clean up our messes. Alternating current allows for the portability and reusability of our mobile devices such as cell phones, digital camera’s, ipods, and laptops, all of which would be restrained to batteries which were bulky, expensive, and often difficult to replace. Even the tools we use to build and maintain our homes are powered by alternating current, to our power tools, to our nail guns,  to our drills. All of it was made possible by the alternating current.

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